Leche I almost forgot I had this blog

2012 —> 2013

wow, I’ve changed. Physically and mentally. 
A lot has changed. A. Lot.

^ I have the ugliest phone quality ever. My knee looks worse in person. :(

Day 340/366: December 5, 2012

Day 5 - handwriting
Gonna write about my day too because it was just a great one!

So watched New Girl in the morning and omfg so funny. Went to Losinio’s during lucnh for the last vocab games against Dwight’s team. LOL Glyssa and I were just screaming again hahaha but yay we’re ahead five points. Then for pe, skipped the lap (thank you Lord) and just went straight to playing the game. omg when we did the kickoff and the other team caught it, Tasha and Rodney (in the other team) were running toward the endzone and they were so open. Like no one was near them at all. I don’t know how that happened because I was too lazy to go all the way to the other endzone, so yeah I was near our endzone, and Tasha and Rodney were running toward me and I went after them and BAM. Rodney falls, I fall and scrape my knee, and Tasha keeps on running. But thank God I got her flags!! Ahhh, I was so happy omfg. My team was cheering me on and Diego was like “that was great! that was so awesome!” I was getting high fives and ‘good job!’s everywhere.  omg I know it may not seem like such a big thing but it was to me! ah. I was just so happy. c’: Kaysha even suggested I join rugby. c”:
Then in Reoganis’s class, corrected the work and Nicole, Teddy, and Dwight kept teasing me and Glyssa omfg. Losinio, read Romeo and Juliet and it was so funny hahaha. Man, today was great.  

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Day 339/366: December 4, 2012

Day 4 - weather
clear skies :) 

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I think I’m just gonna do this instead of writing about my day.. lol

My numbering is wrong too LOL turns out today’s only day 339. 
I think. 

Day 343/366: November 28, 2012

omg lunch was so funny because we were doing the vocab game in Losinio’s class, and my period was against Bernadine’s period so we were just screaming after every word omfg a teacher even came in and complained because all he heard was yelling coming from the classroom LOL. Losinio was like “STOP YOUR CRAP. GOSH. SO LOUD.” and he was making fun of Filipinos (and women because before the game, Losinio was taking long so I was rushing him to hurry up so we can start already and he goes “WAIT, DAMN IT.” So then when he finally came, I wasn’t ready and told him to wait, then he goes, “SEE. YOU WOMEN ARE SO COMLPICATED.”) Gosh, so funny. We won, too. :) Health, powerpoint and worksheet. Science, took a quiz and got all right woot woot. History, took notes, took a test, then got our progress reports. Getting a 106%. If only it was an honors class..

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Day 342/366: November 27, 2012

Fun Tuesday. Finally played flag football for PE!! so fun. Almost got Rodney twice uuuggghh so close. I almost ran into Manny in one of those times, and almost ran into Glyssa in the other time. lol I do not have fast reflexes. But really, really fun. :) Stayed in the cafeteria since Reoganis wasn’t here, but we had worksheets. lol part of the worksheet required us to make up our own word problems, so we used each other and teased each other in them. “Glyssa had $15 to sell herself. It costed $4 for men, and $2 for women. How many of each can she sell herself to? (and what is the probability that she will get aids?)” After, played FMK, spin the bottle, and would you rather with Glyssa, Calvin, Drake, Savana, and Dwight. Read Romeo & Juliet for Losinio, and it was so funny l o l. So much laughter today. Loved it. I miss these kind of days. Haven’t had one since 8th grade. :”)

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Day 341/366: November 26, 2012

omfg I’m like so lazy with this 366 now but ok. So I ran my first ever 5k on Saturday yay for me~ and I finally had the balls to talk to Cyril again so double yay ~~

Today, watched Glee in the morning, just stayed with Glyssa, Savana, and Drake during lunch, DeLeon was absent so we had Mr Rico for our sub and the boys played “what if” lol, tested out our ramps again for Delos Santos (ugh wtf I sat on gum and now my pants are ruined freak you ignorant people who are ignorant ugh), ate those Harry Potter jellybeans Drake brought during break (and l o l at Austin and Emmanuel’s faces when they ate the vomit and earthworms ones HAHAHA), then took notes for Tomac.

ugh posted it on the wrong blog lol

Day 334/366: November 19, 2012

Just played volleyball/football/soccer/dodgeball during PE because Diego wasn’t here. It was super fun. :) Math was horrible. I hate math. Math can suck my dick. Read a bit of Romeo & Juliet then played the review game for English.

Day 333/366: November 18, 2012

wow 33 more days until 2012 is over!!
Confirmation class was good. Talked about life’s dilemmas, the truth, and watched videos. Mass was good too. :)

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